Free Canning Inventory Printable

Last year was my first year canning and I was so excited to see my tiny pantry fill up with homemade jam, pickles and salsa. We are nearly to the end of February and we are almost out of everything, so disappointing! I should have made so much more; lesson learned.

I have created another free printable! This handy sheet helps you keep track of how much you have canned or preserved in a season. Which is super handy if you are trying to become more self reliant and one day, grow all your own food. All part of our plan!

Free Harvest Tracker Printable

One of our many goals of our plan is try and grow all our own food. Crazy? Maybe... Ambitious? Certainly! One of the ways we are going to successfully check this of our list is by keeping track of how much food we purchase from the grocery store and how much we are going to make or grow ourselves.

This is our first year with a homestead journal. Inside we are keeping a tally of how many jars we use of jam, salsa, tomato sauce and so many other things! Although, I love my little journal, I just don't think it's going to cut it when it comes to keeping track of the amount of food we harvest from our garden! So, I've created a little something!

Free Seed Schedule Printable

It's the end of February and we're buried in snow, literally. Our third snowstorm this week has arrived so naturally, my mind is on my vegetable garden. It will probably be June before the snow has melted and the ground is ready to sow seeds but that won't stop us from working on our plan to become homesteaders!

While browsing my seed collection this morning, dreaming of green leafy vegetables, I decided to organize my seeds by planting date and even made a free printable! I've already filled mine out for the coming season and plan to keep my seed schedules from each year so I can back and see our garden history!

DIY Composting Toilet

While we are looking for land to build our homestead, we are checking off essential skills we need before building our 16'x20' cabin. One of those skills is woodworking. And since Santa brought my husband a boat load of new tools, we decided we would start building items for the interior of our tiny house.

If you are thinking of building your own composting toilet, you have come to the right place! With my husband's help, we have created two different views of the cut list, complete instructions and pictures along the way to create a beautiful composting toilet like ours! So grab your coffee, and settle in!

Make Your Own Kombucha

I am in love ya'll! I recently discovered kombucha while browsing my favorite local crunchy health store, The Corn Crib, and now I'm hooked! But, that's okay, because kombucha is kind of great for your gut.

The price for a bottle however, is not good for you. And since becoming more self-sufficent and building a tiny cabin in the woods is all part of our plan, I had to figure out a way I could afford both!

My first task was to make my own SCOBY, which happened to be simple. Now, I have an endless supply of 'buch!

Make Your Own SCOBY

My first taste of kombucha was magical. That bubbly sweet and sour tea had me hooked the moment it touched my taste buds. But for 6 Canadian dollars a bottle, I was torn, heart broken, and then, determined. To make it myself, that is!

If you know anything about me, you know I love a good DIY and that when it comes to food, I'd prefer to make it myself. And since we are on a journey to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle, making my own kombucha just makes sense!

Homemade Bagel Recipe

My husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table about two weeks ago trying to think of ways to become even more self-sufficient. You see, it is all a part of our plan; to build a tiny cabin in the woods. We have a checklist of skills we are trying to check off so we can live a back to basics lifestyle.

Hanging Herb Drying Rack

One of my garden goals for 2017, my first vegetable garden, is to grow and preserve my own herbs. It's is all a part of my master plan to become more self-sufficient while we are working towards building our off grid 16'x20' cabin and homestead.

Last year was all about preserving my own foods, and learning to make staple items like Garlic Dill Pickles, Strawberry Jam and learning to make my own homemade bread. But 2017, is all about growing our own food, folks!

As our pantry's store bought herbs slowly deplete, I am getting more excited to grow and preserve my own herbs so we picked up some cedar 1"x2", some hooks and aluminum replacement screen for windows and sent my 6 year old to work! Yep, my 6 year old built this for me, with a lot of supervision and a little guidance from his dad.

Here is another picture. Anyone can make this, screw together 4 pieces of wood to make a box. The screen is simply stapled to the bottom and we screwed in a bunch of hooks. I designed my hanging herb drying rack so we can both hang herbs in bundles and lay them on the aluminum screen. You could use a chain to hang your herb drying rack but I chose jute string for aesthetics. Have we inspired you to make your own?

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But before I write a book, and if you haven't already, subscribe to this blog, on the right side of this page, to get every post sent to your email! It only takes a minute and you'll get fabulous recipes, great info and hilarious stories of our very young family learning how to homestead and building a cabin in the woods!

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