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Simply Live: What is Minimalism?

Minimalism has been made very trendy lately on social media, focusing on how little stuff someone can live their life with, how empty your home can be while still functional. With "Collect moments, not things" as a social media slogan for all things 'minimal' we can see why many believe this. However, minimalism isn't just about how many possessions you choose to keep in your life or your space.

Sterotypically, when we think of a minimalist, we imagine a simply clothed person in a home with bare white walls and only the functional furniture, but minimalism is SO much more than a fashion or a interior design style. Although, for many minimalists with a large following on Instagram, this stereotype hits the nail on the head.

But, minimalism is not only getting rid of the unnecessary or distracting things you don't need, {Remember our distracted mother in the first part of the series? Read here} but choosing how to spend your time in the most interesting and important parts of your life. And you get to choose how you do it! Whether this is a piece of furniture filling a corner in your living room you decide to remove or a weekly commitment to book club for a book you just don't want to read, it's up to you.

This is your minimalist journey, a page in your book and you need to write yourself. Sure an uncluttered home can reduce stress, relax your senses and goes a long way in helping you find yourself, not stuff. It can effect your whole living; soul, your body, your mind.

So what is minimalism to you? Why are you here and what do you want to accomplish? Are you tired of cleaning up the same junk drawer or are you completely stressed out by all the extra-curricular activities?

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